Holiday Gift-Giving — Have You Considered a Gift of Time?

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Give the gift of time…

Finding time can be a challenge throughout the year, and holiday gift-giving ideas are often hard to come by.

That’s especially true if it’s getting to be the last-minute and you’re not sure when you’ll even be able to get to a store.

But keep this in mind: For many people in our fast-paced world today, time is more valuable than money.

So I invite you to consider how much a gift of your time might be valued and appreciated by others.

Here’s a holiday gift-giving idea…

I was recently talking with a friend who had a co-worker and her family living with her during the terrible fires out in California.  The arrangement had worked well since last week.  But, as of yesterday afternoon, the days were stretching into the foreseeable future and everyone was feeling tired and stressed.

It was looking like another long night ahead.  Then the phone rang, and my friend’s voice fairly rang with gratitude and relief as she told me about the call.

It had been her mother, who was offering to cook several days’ worth of dinners. She brought them to the house for everyone.  Suddenly, a span of time that had been looking difficult at best, had been transformed.

It hit the spot…

That gift of time – along with the gift of seeing what was most needed and thinking of a good way to contribute was absolutely perfect.  It will be long remembered and was more appreciated by my friend (and her family and her visitors) than any expensive, material gift might have been.

So, when it comes to giving, whether it’s for the holidays or ANY days, gifts of time are among the best gifts going. This becomes even truer when you consider how many people are struggling with their finances these days.

Want more help with holiday gift-giving and stress?

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Let’s explore time together …

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