The Times-Three Rule — A Powerful Stress-Reducer and Planning Tool

When it comes to reducing your stress, planning is key. And the Times-Three Rule is something to keep in mind, especially at this busy time of year. Not to be alarmist, but have you noticed that Thanksgiving is nearly here? And the rest of the winter holidays are right behind? So, the thing is, the…

Capturing Your Best Ideas, No Matter What: Some Timely Tips

Finding time in this busy season is a challenge. The holidays bring so much warmth, and they also bring lots of busy-ness. Carving out quiet for savoring your moments, or for keeping up with everyday tasks that need to get done may feel impossible sometimes. And what about capturing your ideas as they come to you?…

Looking Ahead, Looking Back, Moving Forward into a New Month

Looking ahead as you move into a new month is a process that is always deepened when looking back is also one of the steps in the journey. You see, it’s not a linear process, our learning and growing. Unpredictable and sometimes messy, it involves lots of experiences, a good measure of mistakes, and plenty…

Boundaries and Your Holiday Planning – Find Your Comfort Zone

Time choices and time boundaries are your keys to finding time for what matters most to you. And, as the holidays draw closer and closer, what could be better that reducing your stress and increasing your enjoyment with these time tools? I’ve written here previously about creating de-stressed holidays for yourself and those near and…

Holidays Without Stress – 7 Timely Tips

Holidays without stress — is that really possible? Just think about it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to transform the stressful parts of this season into truly celebratory occasions for yourself? Well, you can do it by creating a plan for the holidays that’s geared to your own unique comfort zone.

Fitness Tips at Your Fingertips for Energy (and Finding Time)!

Fitness tips – like finding time for stretching – give you a real boost when it comes to staying on a healthy track. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time working at a desk – or during times like the upcoming Holiday Season.

Exercise Time and the Holidays: Trim Pounds While You Enjoy the Trimmings!

Finding exercise time is challenging in the midst of holiday celebrations. But whatever holidays you celebrate, you needn’t let go of your healthy habits. In fact, you can celebrate and have fun while maintaining the activities that sustain you.