How to Boost Your Efficiency with 3 To-Do List Tips

to-do list boost your efficiency
Boost your efficiency with your to-do list

Time management, at its best, helps you boost your efficiency and effectiveness.

This, in turn, allows you to accomplish necessary tasks and find time for what matters most. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a busy mom, a coach, a student, or anyone else with a full plate and limited time, your to-do list is key to your success.

But sometimes the combination of, a swiftly approaching deadline and an overflowing list of tasks becomes so overwhelming that you want to run and hide. But that never helps. So here are some better ideas.

Boost your efficiency — 3 tips:

When you feel like you want to hide, that’s a sure sign that you need to stop, take a breath, and tweak your list so that it’s your ally, not your task master.  Here are 3 timely tips to help you turn those overwhelming situations around and keep your lists working for you.

You can use lists to optimize your productivity AND your satisfaction.  And it takes just 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your day.  That’s a small amount of time to invest for such a powerful outcome, don’t you think? 

Tip #1: Think of Your To-Do List as Your Daily Roadmap. 

Creating your Daily Roadmap begins with getting a bird’s eye view of the terrain.  Basically, you need to give yourself an overview, starting from where you are and ending with where you’d like to be at the end of the day.  It’s helpful, as you do this, to note any barriers you might encounter and also include as many details as possible about the tasks you’ll need to accomplish.

This is the heart of your process; everything else rests on it.  Neglecting this daily, basic planning is like setting out into a strange city without a compass or map.  You are setting yourself up to lose your bearings and lose time.

Of course, even with the best plan in the world, you can’t account for the unexpected.  In all likelihood you’ll need to make adjustments as your day unfolds.  This is where you experience one of the powerful gifts that planning gives you:  It helps you begin to see what your priorities are.  This means that when something unforeseen throws you off track, you can quickly decide what you can let go of (or what ‘alternate routes’ are okay to take). 

Tip #2: Prioritize and Consolidate Tasks. 

This step provides you with significant dividends and only requires a few minutes here and there. Just scan your to-do list and quickly highlight the 3 tasks that you absolutely want to accomplish, no matter what.

These are your top priorities. Anything else you accomplish is a bonus.  This is a powerful way to short-circuit overwhelm and reframe your list as a positive motivator rather than that demanding task master that you want to avoid.

Another helpful step you can take is to scan your list for tasks that are similar.  If they can be combined, this will save you time and help you maintain your focus. You could do all your computer-related tasks at a certain time, for example.  Or group your errands by locale. 

Tip #3: Tweak it for Tomorrow.

Reserve time every night to review and tweak your to-do list.  Your list is an ever-evolving document that travels with you from one day to the next.  And remember, it’s YOUR list.  The key is that it be useful to you and help you accomplish your goals.

So, take a few moments when you can be relaxed and focused.  Review your day, validate your accomplishments, adjust your priorities, and appreciate any lessons learned.  Then take a deep breath and let go of it all as you head to bed.

Bonus Tip to Boost Your Efficiency:

Letting go is actually one of the most helpful benefits of this process. When you come to the end of your day, you don’t need to carry any worries with you into the night (or the coming day).

You know that your list includes everything necessary, and you can relax.

Why? Because you trust that you’ll prioritize and start addressing what you need to in the morning.  

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