How to Boost Your Productivity Using Accountability Buddies


Accountability buddies keep you moving

Accountability buddies? What are they?

Well, when you’re working on your time skills and getting ready to step it up a notch, an accountability buddy might be just the ticket.

Let’s say you’ve been honing your prioritizing and boundary-setting skills. And you’ve been taking the air out of your time myths, time thieves, and other Time Gremlins that had been tripping you up.

First, you need to feel good about how far you’ve come.

And yet, you just know there’s more time you’d like to claim for special projects. You procrastinate here and distract yourself there. Some Time Gremlins are quite stubborn, after all. They don’t just pack up and leave of their own accord.

Here’s where accountability buddies come in…

Don’t let it get you down. Instead, try joining forces with an accountability buddy. Scheduled check-ins can help you remain on course.

What support do accountability buddies provide?

With your buddy you plan your goals and then track your follow-through. Specifically, you will:

1. Identify your daily goals.

2. Establish how the two of you will check in (e.g. by phone, email, etc.).

3. Identify for yourself the action steps needed to reach your goal.

4. Check in regularly, generally on a daily basis.

5. Keep within the agreed timeframe when you check in.

6. Relate as a neutral listener to your buddy’s check in and only volunteer feedback when specifically requested.

7. Remain on topic, using your time in a mindful and respectful way.

How this helps…

Can you envision how this might help you take that next step forward? Think of a task that remains stalled, and imagine how good it will feel to bring it to completion.

By relating with neutrality to your buddy and consistently reporting on your varying rate of progress, you build a strong base to generate still more Time Energy™. That’s because you call upon strengths like persistence, problem-solving, and follow-through in situations you may have avoided in the past.

There’s an added benefit.

Working with an accountability buddy helps you relate to your personal projects with more objectivity and perspective. And by combining self-reference with active listening, you enrich your time while boosting your effectiveness.

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