How to Let Go of Clutter and Free Up Your Space and Your Time

Let go of clutter to clarify what’s important.

When you let go of clutter you always free up your energy.

And when you let go of clutter you create space, too. This is true whether we’re talking about actual physical space or about your time and how you use it.

So, let’s focus on time for starters because finding time is a universal quest.

Time and letting go…

Time is the medium in which we all live and breathe.  Its flow carries us forward no matter what.  Sometimes that flow is a comfort and other times, like when we’re very busy, it’s a frustration. Then, each tick of the clock makes us feel like we’re falling further behind.

The bottom line, though, is that time comes, and it goes, just as we breathe in and breathe out.  And there’s a rhythm to it — a rhythm of holding and letting go.  In that rhythm, time is consistent and unchanging. As we move through our days, we are continually letting go of moments and moving into new ones.

Space and letting go…

A friend of mine recently let go of her home of many years and moved into a smaller space.  This transition entailed significant downsizing, as well as changes to her daily routines. And ultimately, she discovered that it also significantly simplified her life.

The advantages of having a smaller space included things like:

  • There was less to clean. Vacuuming, she said, took her about twenty minutes as opposed to over an hour.
  • Everything was more or less within reach.
  • She noted that things were easier to find, too.

Ultimately, she said, “I have everything that is important for life to be comfortable and functional and I have more time to devote to working and living.”

Let go of clutter…

In order to fit comfortably into her new space and make it livable, my friend had to let go of a number of belongings and habits of living.  This can be a challenging and disorienting transition to make. 

And it’s a transition that many of us face as we age. So, it’s important to keep in mind that it can also be an energizing and freeing transition.

Letting go also applies to your time.

Think of your time as a basket and of your tasks, commitments, and activities as small (and large) objects piled into that basket. And now ask yourself:

  • Is my basket overflowing? 
  • Are my commitments tumbling out of my basket and scattering across the floor?

Maybe it’s time to work on decluttering, simplifying, and letting go. 

And remember…

Letting go is not simply about saying goodbye. Each time you let something go, you are affirming the importance of what remains. As challenging as that process can be, embarking on it will lighten your load and change your life.

  • So, what will you let go of today? 
  • Next week? 
  • Next month? 

Start making a list.  See how it feels just to think about letting go and then ask yourself: 

  • What stops you? 
  • What will help you move ahead? 

Here’s some help right now:

Change and letting go are facts of life, but do you sometimes feel like it’s all coming at you too fast? Well, I’d like to share a time tool that helps. no matter what kind of change you’re dealing with.

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Let’s explore time together…

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