How to Make Lemonade, Even With Extra-Sour Lemons

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You can choose to make lemonade…

I’m guessing that you’ve heard about making lemonade out of lemons. These days, that adage may sound like a huge understatement.

But, especially when it comes to everyday living, I think it conveys some wise advice.

Finding your way when life hands you lemons is a major challenge.

Indeed, when things don’t turn out as you’d planned you are likely to feel loss and frustration. You may lose your footing as your perspective shifts and disappointment looms large.

And when the loss is fresh, I imagine that the last thing you’ll be thinking about is anything positive that might emerge from whatever you are now dealing with.

But no matter how sour the lemons, lemonade is always possible.

What you’ve experienced is a misfortune. Sometimes it’s a major life change like the loss of a family member or of a job. Maybe it’s the shifting plans of your child’s school district and it’s implications for your work-life. Or maybe it’s the accrual of the daily changes and frustrations that can sometimes feel just plain overwhelming.

Sometimes a misfortune is a hurdle that you overcome in order to succeed. And sometimes it is a barrier that obstructs your path and keeps you from realizing your goals.

But no matter what comes your way, you always have yourself and you always have choices.

3 Tips for Making Lemonade

I find these tips very helpful when dealing with misfortunes of any size:

1.  First take time and give yourself some space. 

You’ve just suffered a loss, and you need to honor that fact and the emotions that it brings up for you.  If you don’t honor the loss, you may find yourself stuck in it, as time moves forward.

2.  Second, put it into context. 

Remember what you have not lost. It is helpful in these moments to run through a list of the things that you value and feel grateful for.  This is not to minimize your loss. But a quick survey of your values and of what you’re grateful for reestablishes your perspective and your equilibrium.

3.  Third, think about the advice you would offer a good friend. 

We are often more balanced, gentle, and optimistic when giving our friends advice than we are with ourselves. Stepping back and giving yourself the compassion you hold for others is a warm and eye-opening gift. It helps you soften to reality. This, in turn, allows you to be grounded in and present to your current situation.

How do you respond when life hands you lemons? 

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