How to Prosper as Your New Year Unfolds

Look around

Want to prosper? Pause and look around…

Making time to prosper and experience abundance in your life, especially in today’s economic climate, may sound like an out-of-reach aspiration.

But I encourage you to take another look.

Many of us carry outmoded and self-limiting ways of thinking about things like time and money and success.  We may hold small but persistent messages that tell us we CAN’T, when it’s quite likely that we CAN.

Those inner voices sap your energy and creativity. They hobble your efforts to prosper in life, and tell you to diminish your dreams.

But as you become familiar with the negative thoughts and habitual snippets of self-talk that undermine your confidence and drive you’re able to see what’s happening. And once you can do that, you’re in a position to develop positive, inspiring and validating messages to counter the negativity.

I am not talking about being unrealistic.  It’s important for your dreams and goals to have roots, as well as wings. But you are probably much closer to abundance than you imagine.

You can prosper in this new year…

Here are 3 tips to help you set your abundance goals for the coming year.  It’s important to align your energies and intentions as you move ahead. That way your time choices will help further your dreams as efficiently and effectively as possible.

1. Reflect and create a clear picture.

It’s vital to have a clear picture of what you want and why you want it?  If you haven’t yet reflected on this, or if your idea of what you want changes frequently, your goals will be written in sand. Give yourself the gift of taking 15 minutes a day for one week to think about what you truly want and why you want it.  Jot down notes.  At the end of the week, you will be ready to set clear goals that truly represent how you picture your ideal life and what it means to prosper.  You will have created the motivation to achieve that outcome, as well.

2. Ensure that your goal is realistic.

When you do this, you may find that you need to make your goal more specific. Or you may need to modify it in order to make it come alive in your mind. The time and energy you spend doing this up front will help you build toward success.

3. Be aware, and prosper.

Awareness is a valuable state of mind that is encouraged by the process of setting goals. But awareness doesn’t persist on its own — it needs to be maintained by you. So, make a habit of looking at your goal and the outcomes you desire at least daily. And doing it more is helpful, especially at the outset. Add this reflection time to your schedule. You may find it helpful to use a timer, too. Doing this will help to ensure a constant state of awareness of your goal, and of why it is important to achieve it.

Ready, set, go…

Once you’ve thoroughly assimilated your goal, you’re ready to work backwards on planning the steps to achieve your goal.  Working backwards prevents you from falling into the common trap of making action steps too big.

Finally, document each action step you need to take to be where you want to be. So, what will be your first step today?

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