How to Review Your Plans for a More Productive Day

review your plans
Keep it fresh.

When you review your plans you aren’t just looking back. You’re giving yourself a roadmap for moving ahead.

In recent posts here on the blog we’ve been looking at ways to effectively manage your to-do list.

We started with planning and then moved to prioritizing and paring down your list.

Now, last but not least, don’t forget to take this final step: 

Review Your Plans

Making time each day to review how you did at addressing the items on your list is a key ingredient in making this process as useful as it can be. 

I advise doing this at the end of the day, but the important thing is to choose a time that works for you. It doesn’t need to be a lot of time, either.

Even the briefest of reviews will give you the opportunity to learn from your experience. And that, in turn, will sharpen your planning for the coming day.  Neglecting this piece is a little like driving at night with only one functioning headlight.  You’ll still be able to see the road ahead, but not as clearly as you might.

You can do it in pieces…

If reviewing the entire day is daunting for you, you needn’t do it all at once.  This kind of reflection can take place at any point throughout the day. 

When you have your to-do list handy, you might try jotting down your thoughts and experiences as the day unfolds.

Then look it over in its entirety one last time, when you do your review and planning for the next day.

And don’t forget to look ahead.

It is helpful to follow your review with your next cycle of planning.  That way, what you have learned is incorporated immediately into the next day’s road map.

Here’s one way that might work in your life:

  • Carve out 5 minutes for planning at the start of your workday;
  • Each hour, spend a minute checking in with yourself to see how things are going; and
  • Then spend another 5 minutes reviewing at the end of your day.

That’s it.

So, how do you review your plans as part of your time management process now?

How will you make this part of your plan for today?

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