How to Save the Day by Killing the Clock — 5 Tips

Save the day, moment by moment.

How does killing the clock help you save the day?

To get to the bottom of this question, we need to first gain a fuller understanding of time.

So, one simple and irrefutable fact about time is that it’s concrete and finite. 

No matter how you measure it or use it, your time begins and ends.  This is the objective truth about time.

So, while clocks may help you track your time, they aren’t the be-all and end-all. Your feelings profoundly affect your perceptions. And your choices have a powerful affect on your feelings.

So, you really hold the power here.

Our more powerful and immediate experience of time is subjective.  How you feel about your time has a profound impact on how time feels to you. And that includes how quickly or slowly it feels like it goes by. 

So, this affects the choices you make in each moment. And these choices, in turn, shape your feelings.

Save the day:

At any point in this process, you may choose to step in, get your bearings, and either continue along the path you’re on or choose to change direction. 

Your choices depend on your values, goals and desires. And assimilating this fact is a very powerful, life-changing step. 

The reality is that your everyday experience of time has nothing to do with clocks and everything to do with emotion, energy, and choice. As William Faulkner wrote:

“Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” 

William Faulkner

5 tips to save the day by killing the clock:

So, with that quote in mind, here are 5 tips to help you make the most of each moment by not counting every minute.

  • Live in Strong Time. 
    Mircea Eliade wrote much about the Sacred and the Profane, and about the notion of Strong Time.  Living in Strong Time means opening yourself to the depths of meaning that each moment contains.  Opening to this depth involves seemingly divergent rhythms, much like inhaling and exhaling, letting go and focusing.  Your sense of duration is profoundly affected when you are in Strong Time. 
  • Welcome Changes.
    When you welcome changes you are agile, flexible, and free.  The unexpected doesn’t throw you off track.  Greeting changes as doors that are opening puts you in charge.  As you step through you learn new things about your world and about YOU.  The more you embrace changes and let them change you, the more you stretch and grow into ever-deepening self-knowledge, strength, and power.  Your sense of time widens as you expand and deepen. 
  • Look Within. 
    The best route isn’t always a straight line.  Making time to explore your feelings is a powerful time management skill to develop.  Whether you are naming your feelings in the moment or looking back to find their roots, the moments that you spend exploring your emotions will energize you for whatever tasks you face.  If you’re driven by clock time, you may not see the efficacy of this.  But it’s a deep logic, the logic of the heart.  Looking back and looking within bring your heart and mind into sync so that you can move ahead powerfully. 

Your last two tips…

  • Feel and Express Gratitude. 
    It is grounding and eye-opening to remember the fragility of the lives we each have constructed.  This deepens your appreciation for each and every gift that you receive each day, from the warm room you awaken in, to the luxury of having choices for lunch.  When you let yourself feel this, you are able to experience your moments in a whole new way.
  • Work from Abundance. 
    Finding time begins with finding your heart. That might seem counter-intuitive but think about it:  So often, when you’re busy, the connection to your heart feels fainter. That, in turn, can start a constriction that leads straight to urgency, frustration, and feeling that there’s simply not enough to go around.  As soon as you take a deep breath and connect with your heart, you live in abundance.  Scarcity no longer drives you and you have full access to your energy and creativity.

And for more help with your time choices…

Time is pure potential. You decide how to use it; and once you do, it’s gone.  That’s why it’s so important to build on your best time choices.  If you feel like your time slips through your fingers, then you’ll want to claim your copy of my complimentary “Daily Choices Template:  Proven Strategies for Tracking Your Best Time Choices Today, Tomorrow & All Year!” There’s no time like the present – to start moving toward the future you envision for yourself.

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