How to Take Charge of Your Time by Noticing the Rhythms in Your Life

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Take charge of your time.

When you take charge of your time, you take charge of your life.

That might sound too simple, but it’s absolutely true.

And when I say take charge of your time, I don’t mean to suggest that you should be rigid or overly controlling about each moment.

But what I do mean to suggest is that you hold the power to create structure for yourself. And within that structure, you give yourself places to thrive.

Take charge of your time today…

Managing your time is about maintaining focus and energy. And what helps with that? Definitely, creating structure for yourself is a key step. 

And to create structures that work for you and your own, unique time needs, it’s important to pay attention to the rhythms in your life.

So, I encourage you to both observe your existing rhythms AND be willing to introduce new ones.

Rhythms in your life…

Our brains do well when working in patterns. So, think about some of the tasks that you repeat during your days and weeks.

What if you plan to do those tasks at regular intervals during your week? For example, if you keep a journal or write a blog — really any writing task — what if you planned to do it at the same time every day?

Your brain will begin to quickly snap into the right mode for the right task at the right time. This makes your use of time that much more efficient. It creates a loop of positive reinforcement and establishes a meaningful structure in your week.

Rhythm, routine, and ritual:

If you’re a reader of The Time Finder, you know the value I place on ritual and routine as elements of any time management plan.  So, let’s add the concept of rhythm to the mix. 

If you think about it, rhythm is one of the most fundamental components of our being.  Our hearts beat.  We breathe in and out.  In a very real way, we are rhythm.

So it makes sense that our minds crave and thrive in rhythm.  Wherever we can establish patterns for ourselves, we’ll be giving our brains a jump start on focus and flow.

Enhanced efficiency, creativity and productivity are likely to follow.

What patterns and rhythms do you notice in your everyday life?  They may even be things you’re not fully aware of — patterns that have developed over time. 

What others would you like to establish?

And for more help…

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