HTML Cheat Sheet and Other Resources for Finding Time

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This HTML Cheat Sheet is a big time-saver.

HTML elements are the building blocks of so much of what you do on the web.

Yet, if you’re not working on web pages every day, HTML code can be difficult to retain and retrieve when you need it. So, very often, you’re left to Google your HTML questions – and sometimes  the answers you get can be confusing.

Not only that, but when you use Google to search for something, you introduce the possibility of distraction. We all certainly know what those Google ‘black holes’ can be like!

So I was very pleased to recently discover an HTML Cheat Sheet – available both on the web and as a (large) pdf document. Not only does it give you the code you’re likely to need – but it offers clear, concise explanations of what the code does, along with useful examples.

Here’s a link to that page (click here). I recommend that you bookmark it for easy access.

And while you’re at it, you may want to check out the other resources available at Hosting Facts. By way of background, Hosting Facts is a small company that reviews web hosts and also provides a range of resources for webmasters.

These include, in addition to the HTML Cheat Sheet, things like the following Guides and Tools. There are more, but here is a sampling:



We’ve taken a look at a number of the resources listed above, and they all look to be very helpful and robust.

So, whether you are up to your elbows in HTML and other webmaster tasks, or only dip into this area occasionally, I do suggest that you peruse Hosting Facts and bookmark any of the resources there that look useful to you.  It’s a time investment that is likely to repay you well over the long term.

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