The Iceberg Principle: Time, Money, and Your Hidden Heart

look within
Look inside…

The iceberg principle?

Time? Money?



Read on and I’ll explain…

The Iceberg Principle

It’s what’s hidden that trips us up. Whether it’s time issues or money issues, finding time to deal with them can be a huge challenge.

And it’s especially difficult to manage challenges if times are tough, as they are for many these days. For some timely tips, I invite you to check out my article at E-zine titled Time Management Tools – 7 Tips to Banish Blocks to Managing Money and Time. There you’ll find ideas that can be especially helpful when you’re stressed by life’s changes and challenges.

So, I’d like to focus on just one area this morning. It’s what I call ‘the iceberg principle’ and here’s what I mean by it:

When you come upon an issue having to do with your choices about time or money, it’s a good rule of thumb to assume that you’re not aware of the root of the issue at the outset.

Indeed, you should assume that, just like an iceberg, 7/8 of it is invisible to you.

The Iceberg Principle in Action

You see your iceberg rising up out of the sea of your everyday life. The sun glints off its surface and you prepare to sail around it.

BUT, the hidden base of your iceberg may reveal surprises. Underwater, there’s much more mass than you can easily see. This is where you need to focus.

Problems in almost any area of your life will eventually manifest in your schedule and in your budget. So to revise difficult money and time choices, explore and chart the submerged 7/8 of the situation. Mastering your time and your money challenges entails confronting how you approach freedom, responsibility, and relationships.

This is where your power lies…

The work of exploring your feelings and choices is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. It is also an area that is fraught with obstacles and impediments, including critical messages and ancient assumptions. When navigating in and around icebergs, it’s always a good idea to operate on two levels.

  • First, you need to make sure that your ship stays afloat. So, for example, if finances are the issue confronting you, deal with your current situation in as clear and rational a way as you can.
  • Concurrently, set aside time for exploring, uncovering, and chipping away at the unseen parts of any icebergs you discover.  This helps you avoid future accidents. It’s the deeper work that can be so revealing, freeing and empowering, if you set aside some time for it.

And when you’re doing this deeper work, be sure that you “return” to your present-day ship after each exploration. You want to be seeing clearly and not working off of old messages while you steer yourself through the icebergs.

How will you use the iceberg principle to explore your choices about time and money?  I’d love to hear what you think.

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