Your Ideal Day – What It Tells You About Yourself and Your Values

Beach Lake Ideal Day

What does your ideal day look like?

What do the words ‘ideal day’ bring to mind for you?

If you give yourself a moment to pause and think about it, are there images that bubble up to the surface?

Many of us carry an idea of what our ideal day looks like, but not-so-many of us ever bring it fully to consciousness or bring it to fruition. So I want to help you with that today.

Why is this important?

Your image of your ideal day helps you learn about yourself and it clarifies what’s most important to you. You see what you value, and that’s key to your progress, your productivity, and your personal satisfaction.

Deepak Chopra has said, “Without values, there is confusion and chaos.” So your values help you keep to a steady course and prioritize what you’ll do with your time.

Why Visualize Your Ideal Day?

Well, when you visualize your ideal day you clarify and concretize some of the things that you value most in life.

Once you’ve got that image crystallized for yourself, you can go back and ask yourself a few questions. This is where you begin to assess whether the way you’re spending your time actually reflects what you care most about.

Be specific and concrete as you look at whether your daily life includes components of your ideal day.

  • What’s present?
  • What’s missing?

Make a list. Don’t be critical or judging of yourself — this is simply information. You need to know where you are starting before you can begin.

Your Ideal Day – You Can Make It Real

Next, review your list and choose one thing that you can change to make your actual day more like your ideal day.

Go ahead and make that change right now.

With each step of this journey you are getting to know yourself better and bringing your choices into closer alignment with your values.

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