If Writing is One of Your Goals, This Will Help.

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Prioritize your writing time.

Writing is something that many of us have on our to-do lists. And often, as well, it’s something that we postpone or procrastinate about.

Maybe your goal is to write an article or a blog post. Or maybe it’s an e-zine, a book, or a note to a friend or family member.

Whatever your particular writing goal, sometimes it’s a challenge to find the time to actually DO it.

Start with one step.

The key to getting started is to first set some goals for yourself.

One step at a time is my writing mantra. And making the steps small, especially initially, is important. Staring at a blank computer screen or a blank sheet of paper can be intimidating. And that’s often what stops people in their tracks.

One tool I use to help make my steps small enough is my timer. When I’m feeling stuck, I set the timer for a very short time — 5 or 10-minutes, tops. Then I just sit down and write steadily for that timespan. It really helps me get myself moving.

And bad writing might actually be good.

The other guideline that I find helpful is to not be afraid to write something “bad.”

In fact, making bad writing your goal frees you up in ways that might surprise you. That blank piece of paper is much less daunting if you don’t have your inner critic sitting on your shoulder.

Goal-setting always helps.

Setting a goal is a very important step in getting to where you want to be.  Equally important is making the space in your life to bring your new goal to fruition.  That means making your goal a top priority.

And you may need to shift some other priorities around to make it work. There’s no surer way to move ahead than by making your goal a top time priority and creating small steps to move toward it.

So, what goals have you identified for yourself? 

And how will you create the space to make them priorities?

This will help, too.

If procrastination holds you back, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of people struggle with this energy draining time thief. Procrastination’s costs include lost productivity, lost income, lost opportunities, frazzled nerves, and damaged relationships.

My accessible and immediately actionable E-Guide Book titled I Don’t Know Where to Start!” How to Stop Stalling, Get Clear, and Turn Procrastination into Productivity offers you a clear path to get to the roots of your procrastination and start doing rather than delaying — today.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start!” unmasks this time thief with exercises to help you identify your own unique brand of procrastination. And it provides insights to help you successfully address what you discover. You really can make conscious choices about your time and how to use it. And you really can change old habits and patterns. Using the tools and skills you’ll learn in “I Don’t Know Where to Start” you’ll get started and keep going.

To learn more about this powerful E-Guide and its accompanying bonuses, just click this link.

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