In a Rut? These 3 Questions Will Get You Moving Again

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In a rut? Take a look around…

When you’re in a rut, time feels like it slows down. You repeat old patterns and feel like you’re getting nowhere.

And actually, when you’re in a rut, making time to solve just ONE problem is one of the most energizing things you can do.

The fact of the matter is that, especially if you’re in a rut, one problem successfully solved leads to an increase in your confidence and energy.

You feel renewed and ready to take on new challenges, even in areas that are totally unrelated to your original problem. So, let me share with you three of my favorite “power questions” for helping you get unstuck.  (You can read two other power questions in a previous post “Find Time to Get One Step Beyond Stuck“)

In a rut? 3 helpful questions…

These 3 questions have all proven to be remarkably effective in helping my clients move from stymied to successful when a challenge has temporarily stopped them in their tracks.

What is it that helps? 

At the core of these three questions lies your creativity.  You’re encouraged to tap your creative powers so you can visualize your challenge in new ways.  This shift in perspective gives you fresh, even surprising, ideas for solutions, too.

1) What does my stuck place LOOK LIKE?

Your image-rich right brain offers a wealth of fresh insights, if you open to the answers it provides. What DOES this stuck place remind you of? Quicksand? A roadblock? Or is it a threatening figure or animal? Draw a quick sketch to sharpen your insights and to provide fresh clues.

Have fun with this exercise in intuition. Use your ingenuity to progress beyond the obstacle you see impeding your progress. Can you translate this success into a tactic that might carry you one step beyond stuck? If your project is a long-range one, consider asking yourself at bedtime for a dream that enriches your understanding still further.

2) What is this impasse GIVING me?

Try this question when you’re REALLY stumped, and be sure to always speak to yourself with friendly curiosity, not blame. Your intention is to better comprehend that you ALWAYS exercise power, even when you feel stuck. You can redirect your energy to move forward on your project, after you weigh the actual pros and cons of spinning your wheels.

This question also helps you to identify old bargains you may have struck with yourself in earlier times. Once you put words to them and recognize how circumstances have changed, revising those old scripts can proceed quite quickly.

3) Where am I HIDING MY POWER?

Yes, the good news is that it’s in there SOMEWHERE. All you need is to locate this energy and discover what is covering it up. Forming a picture of your power calling out to you as you explore beyond the resentment, resistance, and fear can be very inspiring.

You may even decide to cast off some of what stands between you and your progress. Maybe you will let go of an excuse you no longer wish to rely upon, or an unrealistically high standard that has paralyzed you.

Moving beyond your stuck points is really self-actualization. Problem solving generates more confidence, clarity and enthusiasm. So give yourself every advantage.

If these questions wake you up and intrigue you, try printing them out. Then you can refer to them the next time you lose valuable momentum. Give yourself this gift today.

Here’s more help…

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