Inner Abundance — Claim It to Transform Your Time

Choose inner abundance…

What do I mean by ‘inner abundance’ and how does it impact your time? Well, read on, because this is life-changing.

When you are so busy that you feel like you can’t squeeze in one more thing, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed and on edge. You are living in a world of scarcity when it comes to time and energy. And I am guessing that many of you probably know THAT feeling very well.


Time is concrete.  We have 24 hours each day.  That doesn’t change, much as we might wish it would.

But there are times a day feels luxuriously long. And other times the hours fly by and you’re rushing to squeeze in everything you need to. 

Sometimes your day feels productive and satisfying. Other times you may look back and feel like you just couldn’t get out of your own way to get ANYTHING done.

Know what I mean?

Feelings Count

That’s because how you FEEL about time has a fundamental and powerful impact on how time FEELS to you.

Let’s step back and look at a single moment.  Picture yourself working on a project.  Your deadline is a week away and you are behind schedule and beginning to feel overwhelmed.  You’ve got half an hour until you need to leave for an appointment.  You’re frazzled and tired.  What do you do?

Claiming Your Inner Abundance

The first thing is to remember that you have choices.  Every single moment of every single day, you make choices about how you feel and what you do.  You may not have control over what happens, but these choices are always in your hands, and they are powerful.

Second, you need to MAKE your choice.

  • You can choose to continue to work from a place of scarcity and overwhelm.
  • OR you can choose to take a deep breath and approach the next half hour with an open and grateful heart. This is where you lay claim to inner abundance.

If you make the first choice, that will lead to increased worry, lack of focus, frustration, and ongoing feelings of overwhelm.

Choosing the second path, you will find that you are able to focus on your task. Your ideas will flow more freely, and you’ll be much more productive than you had imagined you could be in half an hour. 

In this second scenario, you come to see and experience your time as expansive, rather than something that is limiting and constricting your possibilities. You transform your time by choosing to live from a place of inner abundance.

Which choice do you usually make? Would you like to move toward greater abundance?

Here’s more help for you…

Are you ready to empower yourself and find inner abundance? Use this powerful Checklist with 15 simple steps to set and maintain strong, clear internal boundaries. The Inner Boundary Checklist helps you follow through on what you say you will do. Click this link to give yourself this complimentary tool today.

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