Instagram and Your Desktop-Some Time-Saving Tips

Instagram and Your DesktopInstagram is, as I am sure you know, very popular these days.  In fact, for on-line marketing purposes, Instagram is outperforming Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, according to some pundits, as the best platform for brands.

Built to be used on mobile devices, Instagram has been a venue that, until recently, couldn’t be used from a desktop computer.  And so, if you were not someone who had occasion to frequently use a smartphone, you were out of luck when it came to Instagram.

Instagram and Your Desktop-A Possible Solution

Enter Gramblr.

Gramblr was created as a tool to permit you to upload photos from your desktop to Instagram.  And that appears to be exactly what it does – with some caveats and limitations.

This article by Sean Nicholson, explores some of the tools and work-arounds that have been developed to try to bring Instagram to your desktop.  While none of them work flawlessly – and some no longer work at all – it sounds like Gramblr has addressed some early issues and is working well now.

We have tried it here at The Time Finder and it has, so far, performed as promised. But here’s a caution: If you read the comments, you’ll notice that a number of users seem to have had some issues with Gramblr.  These seem to be mainly related to the use of hashtags.

Here is a quick video that takes you through the steps of installing Gramblr and uploading a photo:

Gramfeed is Helpful, Too!

In our search for ways to bring Instagram to the desktop environment, we came upon another useful tool.

It’s called Gramfeed and it …

… is a website for viewing Instagram Photos. You can view popular Instagram photos, view your Instagram photos, view your follower’s photos, you can visualize photo locations on Google maps, post comments, like photos, search photos by tags or location, search users, as well as follow new users and more.

We love Gramfeed for checking out Instagram from our desktops, AND we are cautiously optimistic about Gramblr as a solution when it comes to uploading photos to Instagram from desktops.

Have you tried either of these tools … or found others that work for you?  I am sure that more will be developed in the coming weeks and months … and would love to hear what you think about it all!

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