IQTELL Solution for Staying Organized and Finding Time

IQTELL for Finding TimeIQTELL is a free application that has been around for several years, but the developers have recently added the ability to manage e-mail accounts to IQTELL’s already-robust capacity.

I’m writing about it today because my VA just learned about IQTELL on lifehacker and recommended it to me for the blog.

This is an app that has gleaned excellent reviews from users, and it looks like it could be a very helpful tool for consolidating information and maintaining an overview of tasks that need to be done.

Here’s a quick video overview that gives you an idea of the capabilities that IQTELL offers:

You can use IQTELL to create actions as you would with a conventional To-Do List. You can also import your e-mail accounts and manage e-mails, as follows:

There is an extensive Knowledge Base available on-line, a Productivity Blog, an active User Forum, and even a Chrome Extension that you can install, if you’re a Chrome user.

IQTELL appears to be a very comprehensive tool.  It looks complicated, but my guess is that, as with any application, with use and practice will come familiarity! I know that my VA is quite intrigued by it, but challenged to let go of some other favorite tools, like Remember the Milk, which has been a tried and true standby for many years.  (I was pleased to see that IQTELL does integrate with Evernote – another of our standby’s!)

How do you decide when to go all-in on a new tool or app?  It’s a commitment with a learning curve, so you need to spend time in order to find time.

One thing I suggest is checking some reviews.  And then I suggest digging in and playing with the app.

IQTELL looks to me like a tool that is very much worth exploring. Its complexity makes it appear a bit daunting at first, but that makes it all the more flexible and useful as you become familiar with it.

Are you interested in finding time with IQTELL?  Or are you already a user?  Drop me a line and let me know what you think … and here’s to your time success!

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