Journaling with Day One 2 — It’s Free!

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Journaling just got easier!

Journaling is a wonderful tool for recording and for reflection. It’s something I encourage in my off-line work, but haven’t written about so much here on The Time Finder.

Finding time for journaling is not always easy when you’re busy with myriad tasks and responsibilities. It may be something that you’d like to do, but keep moving to the bottom of your to-do list.

But I’d argue that journaling almost always adds depth and perspective to your day. The time you put into it usually repays you handsomely – and often in ways you’d not have been able to predict.

So, one of the reasons I’m sharing this today is because journaling just got easier. That’s because Apple’s Day One 2 – an upgrade to Apples’ popular Day One journaling app – is available for free until May 1 of this year.

Day One 2 allows you to create and keep multiple journals at once. You can give each a name and custom color, and you can add multiple photos to your entries. There is also the option of  automatically recording your location with your entries.

What this means in practice is that you can have multiple specific and easily-identifiable journals for different purposes. Some you can keep private – and others can have other permissions.

Here’s a quick video that offers an overview of this fun and flexible tool:

Here’s how you can access this tool (thanks to lifehacker for the information):

In order to get Day One 2, you’ll need to grab it from Apple’s Store app, not the App Store. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the Apple Store app.
  2. Tap the “Featured” tab and scroll down until you see the Day One promotion box (seen above).
  3. Tap the box and you’re given a redemption code. You should be automatically sent over to the App Store to download Day One 2.

That’s it, you’ll get Day One 2 for free. The offer expires on May 1. If you already have the original version of Day One, you’ll be able to sync that to the new Day One servers and it’ll all show up in the new version.

If you enjoy journaling, this (currently) free app looks like an excellent addition to your toolbox.

And if you don’t journal, I recommend it as a very helpful and enriching practice.

Here’s to your time success!

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