Jump-Start Your Day by Setting It Up Ahead of Time


Jump-start your day with a little planning.

You can jump-start your day and set the tone for the hours ahead by investing some thought and planning the night before.

This is a very powerful time tool.

That’s because the energy that you bring to the beginning of your day sets the tone, in a profound-yet-subtle way, for everything that follows. So anything you can do to help yourself be in a positive and energized place is all to the good.

Your Jump-Start — How It Helps

Imagine how your morning goes when your sleep has been disturbed by restlessness, worries, or upsetting dreams. You get out of bed, feeling out of sorts, dreading the coming hours.

Now, picture how this scenario might feel to you if you’ve done some preparation work the night before.

“What kind of prep work?” you ask.

Well, it really can be quite simple. I’m talking about things like:

  • Having your coffee preset and ready for you when you wake up.
  • Setting the table for breakfast, so you feel welcomed and nurtured first thing.
  • Creating quiet rituals that help you greet your day peacefully and with an open heart.
  • Using an exercise routine as a path to awakening your energy and stepping with powerful confidence toward the hours ahead.

I encourage you to think creatively and find the unique ways that you can jump-start your day for yourself. This will look different for each of us, but in all cases, it gives you a powerful and positive way to enter your day as your own steady supporter and best friend.

Here’s to your time success!


  1. Dear Paula, thanks to you I have had some nuturing morning rituals for some time now. Giving myself two hours every morning gives me the chance to do some exercise, walk my dog, have a nice breakfast, and even meditate. I know that this time is MY time, and I feel good taking this time for me–even if I am tempted to press the snooze button! All best to you and the community.

    • Hi David – It is so good to hear from you and also to hear about your morning ritual and how it nourishes you. Very inspiring!

      All the best to you, too… and thanks for writing.


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