Kanbanote Plus Evernote for Finding Time!


Kanbanote and Evernote – a time-saving combination!

Kanbanote looks to be an interesting web-based app that lets you arrange notes in Evernote into clear, actionable lists.

The advantage with Kanbanote is that it enables you to rearrange items you’ve added to Evernote in new configurations based on Notebooks you’ve created, along with specific tags.  These new lists give you a snapshot of your tasks in a simple and flexible format.

If you like using Evernote Reminders, then Kanbanote may be of special interest to you for creating an at-a-glance action plan for addressing your To-Do List.

The roots of the Kanbanote are found in the Kanban – a system for tracking work processes which is described as follows:

A kanban is a tool to visualize, organize, and complete work. The first official use of kanban can be traced to Taiichi Ohno’s work at Toyota. He needed a way to quickly communicate to all workers how much work was being done, in what state it was, and how the work was being done. His goal was to make work processes transparent – meaning he wanted everyone, not just managers to know what was “really” going on. The goal was to empower line workers to improve how Toyota worked. Everyone had a hand in making Toyota better.

Kanbanote allows you to take material from Evernote and organize it in a Trello – a web-based project management application that uses the Kanban paradigm for managing projects.

This all may sound a bit daunting, but if you use Evernote – and especially if you want to use it to prioritize and manage tasks – then I think some exploration of Kanbanote may be in order.  It’s a bit of a time investment, and requires some practice to get used to and incorporate into your workflow – but in the end it’s likely to help you find more time.

I’d love to hear what you think about this – and here’s to your time success!

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