Let Go of Perfectionism and Let Your Holidays Be Real

perfectionism expectations
Perfectionism is a set-up for disappointment.

Letting go of perfectionism allows you to enjoy your holidays more fully. This is because it lets you be grounded solidly in your moments. You are free to be present to all that the season offers.

On the other hand, pursuing perfectionism sets you up to hold eternally unrealistic expectations.

Let go and settle in…

And the opposite is true when you let go and allow yourself to settle into reality.

Indeed, when you give yourself a clear picture of what is actually possible during holiday times, or any times, you:

  • Reduce your stress,
  • Temper your expectations, and
  • Boost your benevolence.

These are really big benefits.

But have you ever noticed how the “magic of the holidays” includes an apparent regression for some of your nearest and dearest? Do they sometimes become cantankerous versions of themselves? Well, it’s really helpful that what you observe may also be happening for you, too.

Realism helps…

So, what helps is to remember this:

No matter how many hours you invest in creating “perfect” holiday treats and settings, these are your versions of “perfection”. Meanwhile, friends and family have their own versions of this. So, striving for holiday joy based in perfectionism is a losing proposition.

Instead, consider celebrating clarity and realism. When you don’t sentimentalize the season you retain your perspective. And as an added bonus, you retain your sense of humor, too.

Saying no and saying yes…

When you let go of wishful thinking and unrealistic fantasies, you say yes to being centered and accessible. This enables you to open yourself to the real magic that holiday moments can bring.

And remember, whether you’re at home or traveling, you can always be home in your heart for the holidays. 

When you’re warmly at home there, that’s where others will find you.

Happy holidays…

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