Let Go of Stuff and Embrace New Energy

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Ready to let go of stuff?

When you ‘let go of stuff’ you open so many doors for yourself.

But clearing out what gets in your way is an ongoing task for most of us. Whether that “stuff” is:

  • E-mail clogging your in-box,
  • Items on your schedule,
  • A cluttered to-do list,
  • Objects littering your space, or
  • Thoughts and worries that keep you stuck,

it’s all clutter.  And it all manages to get between you and your ability to live your most fulfilled and joyful life.

Why it helps to let go of stuff…

Well, basically, it’s because when we live in the midst of things that we don’t really use or enjoy, or even need, they still take up space and attention.  And the pockets of chaos that clutter creates in your life inevitably deplete your energy.

Whether it’s shame about the way your space looks, or worry about what might be getting lost in the shuffle, clutter is draining and discouraging.

Making changes…

Try picturing the kind of space that you’d like to live in or the kind of day that would be your ideal.  What does it look like?  Do you see piles of clutter or a clogged To-Do List in your image?

That’s a small clue about how much your clutter may actually be eating at you. And this is true, even if it’s not something that you’ve realized you’re consciously bothered by.

So, what next?

Well, the good news is that you can most definitely make inroads in that clutter. When you let go of stuff you also transform your energy. It all changes as you make changes in your space and your time choices.

And, letting go of clutter, whether it’s in your bedroom or on your To-Do List, frees energy in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

So what one thing will you do today to get started?

Make it small enough to be doable, and then do it.

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