Let Your Compassion Release and Refresh Your Energy

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Your compassion is key.

How does your compassion help you tap into your energy and free it up? Well, time management is about more than making and completing to-do lists, as you well know.

For one thing, you need resourcefulness and resilience when setbacks arise and throw wrenches into your plans.

Your instinctive response when plans are threatened may be to entrench yourself in rigid patterns.

But that’s a temptation to avoid.   It creates a cycle that can then set you back further and further.

Try this instead.

If you feel the tug to dig in your heels when you hit a bump in the road, instead, turn toward your heart.  Let yourself soften into your compassion and see what bubbles up for you.

Your compassion helps you get unstuck, no matter what has you in its grip.  The more you cultivate compassion, the more you’ll thrive in the face of change. You’ll start seeing the possibilities more than the hurdles.

Your compassion helps you build flexibility, courage, and creativity, too. Given life’s unending stream of challenges, fostering your power of compassion can provide lifetime strength.

And your compassion helps you find energy.

For example, your heart-based choice to live from your compassion helps you:

  • Take reasonable risks without fear of self-recrimination. Accept that you are human and will learn from experience. Fear that you’ll turn on yourself in the face of mistakes paralyzes your initiative. Healthy humility helps you bounce back and put your lessons to good use.
  • Use your mistakes to develop better systems. Don’t fall into the trap of dismissing compassion as a way to let yourself off the hook. On the contrary, the more compassion you show yourself when you make mistakes, the sooner you’ll recover. Mistakes shine light on ways you can grow and expand. Your compassion teaches you how to improve and move forward.
  • Balance your priorities with your basic needs. Accepting that life is tough and that you need to take good care of yourself helps you pace yourself. You won’t feel drawn to grandiose schemes because you’re comfortable with your essential self. Your compassion helps you maintain clarity, balance, and perspective with more ease.

It helps in so many ways.

Your compassion enhances your energy, health,  and relationships while opening exciting new vistas.  You move more freely and powerfully in the world. From this position of benevolence towards yourself and others, you are energized and empowered to make better use of your time.

So, what step will you take today to increase your effectiveness and find time no matter what life presents?

And this helps, too:

Do you ever feel like you’re running on empty and there are no gas stations anywhere to be found? That’s what it’s like when you aren’t taking care of yourself.

It’s an awful feeling and one that’s all too familiar for many of us. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say that finding time for self-care is one of the biggest challenges going. And I’ve created an E-Guide that addresses this challenge and offers you a path to creating your own, rejuvenating self-care routines and rituals. It’s titled “Self-Criticism or Self-Care? How Your Choices Define You, Your Time, and Your Life.”

This E-Guide gets right down to business as it offers questions, insights, and exercises aimed at helping you come to a deeper understanding of:

  • What gets in your way when it comes to taking care of yourself.
  • How your capacity for compassion is connected to self-care.
  • The activities that are most nurturing for you, and how to include them in your schedule, EVERY day.

To begin your self-care journey and claim your copy of “Self-Criticism or Self-Care? How Your Choices Define You, Your Time, and Your Life” click below:


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