Letting Go – Claim Your Key to Success Today!

Letting Go Open Hand and Key

Letting go – your key to success!

Letting go isn’t necessarily something that springs to mind when you think about efficiency and effectiveness. Yet, when it comes to being your most productive self, letting go is a powerful and necessary tool in your Heart-Based Time Management™ toolbox!

Letting go — a simple, open-handed gesture — can give you keys to open new doors  and explore new possibilities.

So here are 3 Timely To-Do List Tips to help you see how letting go can help you step into your own, unique power.

Letting Go to Get Things Done

First, take a good, hard look at your To-Do List. To maximize your efficiency, your task is to strip it down to its essentials using these 3 Timely Tips:

  • DO:  A useful to-do list never contains more than you can realistically handle in your day, so pare it down to what is actually do-able.
  • DROP:  Here’s where you identify what you can cut back on, if necessary, should something unexpected come up.  You will move through your day in a much more flexible and grounded way with this additional level of planning.
  • DELEGATE:  The MOST useful to-do-list also identifies people to whom you can delegate tasks as appropriate and necessary. Delegating means letting go, and it opens countless doors for you.

Let’s explore this letting go more fully, as it’s such an empowering time management skill.  Delegating at its best carries these advantages:

  • You free up time to accomplish important activities that only you can do, while letting go of tasks that others can do.
  • You strengthen your connection with those who assist you. Sharing responsibilities can be very helpful and empowering in family situations, as well as at work. Everyone learns from this process.  As challenges are met and hurdles overcome, trust, both in oneself and in others, deepens.
  • Identifying responsibilities that others can assume promotes teamwork and balance. By placing a high premium on your time, you affirm your own worth; and it’s a sign of strength and confidence when you can let go and let others assist you.

So on your next to-do list, create 3 columns next to your planned activities.  Label Column 1 as DO. Column 2 is DROP, and Column 3 is DELEGATE.  Get into the habit of assessing which of those 3 categories each item on your list falls into.

You can make other pertinent notes in each column – and don’t forget to jot down names of people to whom you can delegate responsibilities.  You’ll want to be starting discussions with them about the possibilities.

As you explore letting go … and, specifically, using delegation more and more in your life, you’ll discover that it’s an excellent investment in your future.

Are you ready to start letting go and finding quality time?

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