Letting Go of Clutter — Why Is It So Hard?

Letting go
Letting go always helps.

Letting go of clutter is notoriously difficult. But why?

I’m guessing that you are probably well aware that getting to the bottom of your clutter is a daunting task. Indeed, whatever form it takes, clutter seems to have a way of persisting.

Maybe it’s in your space or on your computer. Maybe your to-do list accumulates tasks that never seem to go away. Or maybe your brain is buzzing with what can only be called ‘mental clutter.’

It’s a fact: when you let go of whatever has you stuck, you free up energy.

Letting go of clutter is important, but why?

Wherever it resides, the impact of your clutter may be subtle, but it is also powerful. It affects your life both internally and externally.

Clutter makes it very difficult to get and/or stay organized. It leads to feeling stuck and confused.

Just think of times you’ve tried to find something in a cluttered space. Not only does it take extra time, but it also takes extra energy. Maybe there are other things you’d like to do with that time and energy.

That’s why this is so important. And here’s some quick advice for getting unstuck.

The clues hide in your habits.

For starters, it’s important to remember that habits that you may not find helpful now, once served a purpose.  Or maybe they still serve a purpose, but one that isn’t visible to you yet.  

Your clutter offers you clues about these things.  That’s part of what can make letting it go so difficult. It may even feel painful at times.  

And that’s why these two facts are so important to keep in mind:

  • Clutter is never just about ‘stuff.’
  • It always offers each of us transformative insights about ourselves.

Indeed, you can always use the external, concrete organizing process as a tool for internal, heart-based transformation. 

Look under the surface.

It’s all about seeing what’s underneath your clutter. Once you can really see, feel, and know, deep inside how clutter functions for you, you’ve taken the first step. You come to see that whatever clogs your life and has you stymied is separate from you.

This, in turn, makes it much easier to let it go.

And you’ll find that your energy is freed up in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

Find more help to let go of clutter.

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