Lists for Fun and Visibility on the Web this Cyber Monday

Lists get the word out!Lists have been a big topic on The Time Finder lately.  From Facebook Interest Lists to Myths and Realities about To-do Lists, we haven’t been listless! 😉   And today I’ve got one more item related to lists that I’d like to share.

This is a tool (it’s called that I read about (and signed up for) on Denise Wakeman’s post titled “Celebrate Blogging.”  In this clever, interactive  post, Denise used to create a list that we can all add our blogs to.  The list Denise has created is called The Big Brag About Your Blog List,” and here’s what you can do when you visit her post:

Add Your Blog

Click on the pink tab that says “Add to List” to add a link to your blog. Make sure to include the http:// so the link is active. Then check the blog title, the description and add keyword tags if you wish. Then click the Add button. Easy.


Give a thumbs up to any blogs on the list you read and love.


Spread the love. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Together, let’s make this the biggest list of blogs anyone has ever created. It’s a group effort so spread the word to all the bloggers you know!

Lists Get the Word Out!  is a playful and powerful, interactive tool for extending your reach on the web using lists. gives you the ability to create lists that can then be shared, added to, and built on by other people. You can share your lists on sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as embedding your lists in your WordPress blog using a WordPress plugin.

Managing Your Lists is a Breeze. gives you a dashboard where you can view others’ lists as well as your own.  To begin your adventure, just sign up (using your Twitter or Facebook login).  Next, click on the “start a list” button.  You’ll be guided through the process, and can enjoy creating and sharing your lists (and exploring others’) right away.

Lists, as you see, are everywhere!

Lists are excellent tools for so many things, from keeping track of tasks to filtering your Facebook news feed to having fun and increasing your visibility on the web.

Take a look at if it’s sparked your interest, and drop by to explore and enjoy Denise Wakeman’s “Big Brag About Your Blog List“!  Add your blog, and don’t forget to “like” The Time Finder.  Your vote moves the blogs that you like closer to the top of Denise’s list.

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