Lists, Lists, and More Lists: October Favorites for Finding Time

Lists are amazing!Lists can be very helpful tools, and they become even more important as the holidays approach and life gets busier and busier.  Even Santa is known to make a list from time to time … and check it twice.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

The thing is that lists are  so helpful, when used well.  And when used not-so-well they can be a source of self-criticism and overwhelm.

October:  All About Lists

This past month on The Time Finder readers were particularly taken with our posts about lists.  Whether for social networking, productivity, prioritizing, or just for fun, lists definitely captured your fancy in October.

So, without further adieu, here is a list of our Top 5 Time Finder posts for the past month, with some brief excerpts for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy our list about lists!

Time Management Tips for Using Facebook’s Interest Lists:

The interest list feature, added by Facebook early last spring, allows you to organize your news feed into something like your own, personalized newspaper.

To-Do Lists Part 1: Debunk the Myths to Find Time:

If time is money, then to-do lists are the smart budgets that ensure you pay your bills and still have cash left over for that special something.

Time Balance: The Key to Sustaining Yourself and Your Productivity!

You productivity is predicated on staying focused and keeping your energy and motivation from flagging. And time balance is precisely the tool for accomplishing that.

To-Do List Myths and Realities: 2 More Timely Tips and Lists for Fun and Visibility on the Web this Cyber Monday

Lists have been a big topic on The Time Finder lately.  From Facebook Interest Lists to Myths and Realities about To-do Lists, we haven’t been listless!    And today I’ve got one more item related to lists that I’d like to share.

This is a tool (it’s called that I read about (and signed up for) on Denise Wakeman’s post titled “Celebrate Blogging.”  In this clever, interactive  post, Denise used to create a list that we can all add our blogs to.  The list Denise has created is called The Big Brag About Your Blog List,” and here’s what you can do when you visit her post … read on

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