Lists and Timely Tips-Top Time Tools in November!

Lists and Timely TipsLists and timely tips filled Time Finder subscribers’ in-boxes during the month of November.  And, needless to say, these helpful time tools become even more important as the holiday season gets into full gear and life gets busier and busier.

Indeed, even Santa is known to make a list  or two – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves!  The thing is that lists are helpful, when used well.

And there’s nothing I enjoy more than looking back on past Time Finder posts and sharing my monthly lists of the ones that readers were most drawn to.  So, without further adieu, here’s what captured your fancy in November!

Heart-Based Time Management Tools: YOU are the Key to Finding Time! topped the list of November’s favorites with some fundamentally sound advice to carry into the New Year and beyond!  You see, YOU are the foundation, when it comes to heart-based time management.

This is because there is NOTHING more energizing (or more efficient) than being in sync with yourself. When it comes to managing your time, knowing yourself – your values, your goals, your strengths and your challenges – stands you in better stead than any number of time tips.

Next up was a post titled Time Tools to Enhance Your Moments, Days, Weeks and Months!.  It lists time finding favorites from the month of October – a great month to look back at as we took part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and posted every day – so lots to choose from!

Coming in at #3 is Title Generator Jump Starts Your Creativity and Saves Time a post about a very handy tool that generates and lists titles based on keywords you feed it.

You just open the Title Generator and enter a keyword (or phrase) that you want to use in your title. Click the button, and the tool generates hundreds of title choices. And don’t just limit yourself to thinking of these as title ideas for articles and blog posts. This tool can help you find a title for your upcoming teleclass – or for an eye-catching Tweet or Facebook post.

Meditation Helps You Sleep and Energize Your Holiday Time is a popular and timely post to help you find time to sleep soundly and well.  If insomnia is a challenge that saps your energy during the holidays – or any time – this is a very helpful entry!

Meditation is a practice that you build over time. The more you do it, the more natural it becomes for you. But even right from the start, a few moments of meditation can help you fall asleep faster and also improve the quality of your sleep. Indeed, you may find that meditation helps you feel more refreshed with fewer hours of slumber.

And last, but not least, comes our November post titled Fitness Tips at Your Fingertips for Energy (and Finding Time)! which is all about the importance of finding time for even the briefest of exercise breaks – especially if desk work is something you do a lot of.  My VA tells me that she absolutely loves the Chrome Extension that we reference in the post … but you’ll have to read it to find out more!  😉

Here’s to a wonderful month of December for you, your friends and family.  I look forward to sharing lots more timely tips with you, as this new month unfolds!

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