Ask Paula – Will the Lists I Make Take Too Much of My Time?


Lists help you FIND time!

Our posts about lists and list-making have yielded several e-mails from readers. It sounds like many of you use lists to organize your tasks and your time.

Quite a few of the e-mails shared the concern that William from Minnesota wrote about in his recent question to me. So I thought his question would be a good one to explore here on the blog.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Will My Lists Devour My Time?

From William M, in St. Johnsbury, MI:

Dear Paula,
I would like to use lists in the way you explain them to us on your blog. My fear is that creating them and taking the time to review them as you suggested will take too much time. Any suggestions?

Lists – Breaking Them Down

Dear William,

This is the most common reason people give for not using lists. And it’s true that when you first start using this tool, it will require an investment of your time.

But the payback in organization and productivity is, for most, well worth the investment. So here’s what I suggest you try:

Use a weekly list for your work activities. Try this on for size — just for one week. I’d like you to keep track of how much time it takes to create and review the list. Write that down each day, and at the end of the week, evaluate the following three things:

  • Did using the list make your life easier?
  • Did it decrease the stress of forgetting something important?
  • Estimate how much time, if any, you saved by being organized and acting on your priorities.

I think you’ll find that the return on your investment will be very high in terms of personal satisfaction and also in terms of what you are able to accomplish.

Please let me know how your experiment turns out!

Warmest regards,
Paula Eder, Ph.D.
The Time Finder Expert

I hope you find this question and answer about lists helpful and thought-provoking. If you aren’t using lists in your life now, how might you consider incorporating them into your daily workflow?

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