Live Your Truth and Revitalize Your Energy and Time

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Live your truth…

What do I mean when I say, “Live your truth”? Well, for one thing, it’s going to be different for each of us.

Finding time to pause and reflect will always enhance your productivity and boost your energy. AND it will help you live your truth.

Hit the ‘Pause’ button:

As a time management tool, taking a small break, a deep breath, and touching base with yourself is something that you can count on to recharge your batteries and refresh your attitude.

However, there is an entirely different way to engage in this activity that will not only do what’s mentioned above, but also will connect you with your core values and the wellsprings of your being.  This is a gift you can give yourself that is fundamentally rejuvenating and transformative.

Live your truth:

Not long ago I wrote an article, posted at titled Time Management Tips – How to Energize Your Spirituality by Evolving Your Relationship With Time.  In it, I reflect on the power of the choice that we can make, in each moment, to connect with our deepest selves.

Perhaps, as Wallace Stevens wrote, “… the truth depends on a walk around the lake.”

Take charge:

Whenever you choose to pause in the stream of tasks and events that constitute your day and look within, you are affirming to yourself that your time (and thus your life) belongs to you. 

This sends you the powerful message that you are autonomous. Embracing this level of responsibility enhances your sense of your own dignity and purpose.  And this sense of purpose, in its turn, encourages and energizes your own search for truth.

Remember, it’s YOUR truth:

I don’t mean TRUTH with a capital T.  No, I mean the evolving element of depth that is a part of each of us. It’s the element that you access in your life when you choose to live your truth.

What you discover as you pursue your own search for truth will be unique to you.  At times it may be surprising, disconcerting, or comforting.  It’s a risk, opening to your daily and evolving truth.  It’s an adventure, too.  In many ways, it is THE adventure of a lifetime.

And remember to pause…

Ultimately, the quiet whisper of your inner truth depends on the times that you choose to pause — the times that you give yourself the gift of this walk around the lake.

If you don’t make the space for it in your life, you are missing something basic, rare, and very precious.

So, how will you start giving yourself this gift today? What stands in your way? 

Ready to live your truth?

Have you had times in your life that just felt good to you? Moments that you would go back to if you could? I call this your ‘Ideal Day” and it’s different for each of us.

What do you picture when you imagine something like that for yourself? Are you peaceful and quiet? Maybe you’re focused and fully engaged in a project or pursuit. The answers will be unique to you, but what’s always the same, though, is that it’s something you can give yourself whenever you choose.

So, let me introduce my new E-Guide titled Living Your Ideal Day: How to Move Past Barriers and Find Your Way to More Time, Space and Energy.

This E-Guide and its bonus checklist offer a path to deeper self-knowledge along with practical, heart-based time wisdom. Ready to become an expert in living your time to its fullest? Living Your Ideal Day will get you started.

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