Living from Your Values Changes Your Sense of Time

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Living from your values expands your sense of time.

Living from your values is one way to expand your sense of time.

Even though you’ve got 24-hours each day, no matter what, when you’re living from your values, your feelings about your time are profoundly affected.

In earlier posts, I’ve written about how time is absolute, concrete, and universal. There’s an unchangeableness about time. It flows on, no matter what we do or how we feel.

So, does this make time feel daunting to you?

Well, you can choose to see it that way, or you can see it as a challenge and an adventure.

How do YOU see it?

We humans have been puzzling out the mysteries of time for eons.

We have choices.  (As you can tell, I keep coming back to choice as a touchstone.)

We can approach the fact that time is irreversible with fear or with respect. It’s entirely up to us.

Living from your values helps…

If you always approach your moments with fear about “losing time” you set yourself up to panic, procrastinate, and feel overwhelmed.  That way, you generate more anxiety. And ultimately, you’re likely to generate even more lost time.

On the other hand, if you approach this reality with respect, that helps you make time choices that more closely match your value system.

This is what we call values-driven time management. It’s a powerful path for meaning-filled living.

So, when you think about your time and your values, what comes to mind?  Do you hear harmony or dissonance?

What steps will you take to be sure you’re living from your values today?

Here’s more help…

Do you ever feel like life is coming at you too fast and you’re getting lost in the shuffle?

Are you feeling at sea and rudderless? Unclear about what your priorities even are?

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  • Who you are,
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