Living in 3-D — 3 Heart-Based Time Management Tips

To-Do List

Use your to-do list to start living in 3-D.

Living in 3-D transforms your relationship with time and gives you keys to unlock doors, open to new possibilities and achieve greater success and satisfaction in your life.

Now, if all of this sounds like “more” to you, you are partly right.  I say “partly” because finding time for more success and satisfaction sometimes also means opening up to letting go.

So, I invite you to consider and implement the tips that I’m going to share below.  Discover how they will help you bring your priorities into focus and start letting go of what you don’t need.

Ready to claim and activate your own, unique power?

Living in 3-D:

One highly effective first step for stripping away non-essentials and giving yourself the time and space to focus on your top priorities is to take a good hard look at your to-do list. Are there things that just aren’t that important?  Things that you never get to?

Use these 3-D’s to look at your to-do list with new eyes.


Does your to-do list have more on it than you can realistically handle in a day?  Pare it down to what is actually do-able – and eliminate unnecessary stress.  You can reclaim that wasted energy and use it to accomplish the remaining tasks on your list!


What if something unexpected comes up?  Are there things on your list that could be dropped if you suddenly needed to shift gears?  Identify these items ahead of time so you can move through your day with confidence, agility and groundedness.  With this additional level of planning, you are ready for anything!


You don’t have to do it all by yourself!  A useful to-do list identifies people to whom you can delegate tasks, if appropriate. Delegating opens lots of doors and is a very powerful (and empowering) time management skill.  At its best, it carries these advantages for you:

  • Free up time so you can follow through on tasks that only you can do, while letting go of activities that others can accomplish as well (or maybe even better) than you can.
  • Strengthen your connection with those who assist you. In family situations, as well as at work, sharing responsibilities can be very expansive and empowering. Everyone can learn from this process.  Trust, both in yourself and in others, deepens as challenges are met and hurdles are overcome.
  • Identify responsibilities that others can assume promotes teamwork and balance. You affirm your own worth by placing a high premium on your time. It’s a sign of strength and confidence when you let go and let others assist you.

And if delegating is still something that you think will be difficult for you, consider these questions, the next time it arises as a possibility.

Ask yourself…

What is more important:

    • Having the task done exactly the way you (and only you) would do it, or
    • Getting it done “well enough” while reducing your stress and freeing up some of your time?

What is standing in the way?  Take a moment to think about and jot down your responses.

    • Don’t judge them, just write them down.
    • Know that you needn’t make changes until you are ready.

The reality is that you can overcome any hurdle that holds you back.  The key is to assign a higher value to your time than you do to the obstacle. Your time, after all, is what your life is made of. Risks you take to claim your time and ask for help will teach and reward you, as well as encourage you to open still more doors.

Start living in 3-D.

On your next to-do list create 3 columns to give yourself a 3-D view of your planned activities.  Label your 3 columns DO, DROP, and DELEGATE.  Get into the habit of assessing which of those 3 categories each item on your list falls into.

You can make other pertinent notes in each column.  And don’t forget to jot down specific names of people to whom you can delegate responsibilities, so you can initiate discussions with them.

As you open to the possibilities that letting go offers, you’ll discover that you have more energy, creativity, and time to focus on your top priorities.  So, how are you going to start living in 3-D? What will be your first step toward letting go and finding quality time?

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