Looking Ahead, Looking Back, Moving Forward into a New Month

Looking ahead as we move into a new month is a process that is always deepened when looking back is one of the steps in the journey.

Looking ahead is enhanced by looking back.

Looking ahead as you move into a new month is a process that is always deepened when looking back is also one of the steps in the journey.

You see, it’s not a linear process, our learning and growing. Unpredictable and sometimes messy, it involves lots of experiences, a good measure of mistakes, and plenty of repetition. The more we incorporate the lessons of the past into our present, the more our future is enhanced.

As Robert Brault has written:

“Each day learn something new,
and just as important, relearn something old.”

So, as is our habit here at The Time Finder, I’m sharing a few of our top posts as the old month turns into the new. We’ve had a busy time here, what with elections and a new product launch, along with our usual activities. Looking ahead, there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment, at least here in the States. Looking back, there is always something interesting to revisit and re-consider. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Looking Ahead by Looking Back

Topping our list was a Cyber Monday post titled Free Tools and Apps We’re Grateful for This Cyber Monday. Check it out to see our top 3, along with a link to a collection of the top 50 from lifehacker. And drop me a line – we’d love to hear about your favorites.

Looking ahead to possible post-election changes might have led readers to our post titled Transitions in Your Life – Finding Time to Adapt and Grow. Reading it, you’ll realize that transitions are happening in your life all the time.

Transitions shape our daily lives as we move from day to night. And each transition involves rituals, change and adaptation. So, how do you find time to support yourself as you go through your life transitions? This truly is just as important as finding time to support your family and friends — but very often it is something that we neglect.

And the thing is, looking ahead, when you don’t really know what lies ahead, just takes you away from the present. And quite often, it fuels worries and anxieties that you can’t do anything about AND that may never come to fruition.

Find Time by Staying Focused Right Here, Right Now offers 5 tips for maintaining focus no matter what. When it comes to increasing your productivity, asserting your power, and stepping away from what you cannot control, this post offers some excellent, actionable ideas.

Looking Ahead to the Holidays

Finally, with the holiday season upon us, “Boundaries and Your Holiday Planning – Find Your Comfort Zone” was a post that drew a lot of attention. As the December Holidays approach, finding your comfort zone is a wonderful gift you can give yourself!

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