Looking Back at Time Finder Favorites

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Looking back helps with looking ahead.

Looking back is always the first thing to do in preparation for moving ahead. Why?

Well, it honors the past, for one thing. And it always gives you information that informs your next steps. So looking back is actually about the future as much as it is about the past. It’s a forward-thinking activity that gives you a base that’s grounded in facts and reflection. So that’s a solid place to start!

Looking back at our top post:

As we step into a new month, here are the 3 posts that drew the most traffic on The Time Finder this past month. I’ll share each, with a brief excerpt here, and you can click the links to read them in their entirety.

Inbox by Gmail – New Integrations to Increase Efficiency was our most popular post. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find there:

Inbox by Gmail recently added some new features. These include a new section for Google Alerts, as well as integration with Trello and GitHub.

If you use Inbox now, you know that it’s all about showing you what you need when you need it. This means you’re less likely to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alerts, notifications, and e-mails.

Here’s what you’ll find as you explore these new features. Read on…

Two more popular posts:

Next up was a post about success and how you can claim it for yourself. Titled Success – How You Define It Makes It Yours this is a post that helps you jump-start your own unique journey to fulfillment.

It’s all-too-easy to spend precious years of your life working off of what other people call success, only to discover later that this wasn’t what you wanted at all. You need to know how you view success, in your heart of hearts. That allows you to be powerfully in sync with yourself and your values as you set your goals and work toward them. There’s more here…

And coming in third was our post about curiosity, offering a new take on this important trait. Curiosity – One Simple Tweak to Transform Your Time  looks at ways that curiosity helps you overcome barriers that hold you back.

Curiosity killed the cat. Remember that saying?

Well, I’m stopping in today to take a closer look at that idea- and to encourage you to reconsider it.

Curiosity is the opposite of self-criticism – that cloying feeling that traps you and puts a lid on your creativity. Curiosity frees you up — there is nothing lethal about it.

So, step back and think about your curiosity and how it feels to you — how it affects your perspective and energy in the moment. And here are a few quotes about curiosity to get you started. Keep reading…

Did you see one of your favorites here? Or did you discover something useful and new by looking back?

Well, here’s to your time success as a new month unfolds. And drop me a line with your time questions and challenges — I’d love to help!

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