Looking Back While Moving Ahead on The Time Finder

Looking BackLooking back is something that we always do while we move into a new month here at The Time Finder.

As a process for grounding yourself and assimilating the lessons of the past so that they can be used in your present and your future, looking back is a helpful practice to incorporate into  your routines.

Looking Back – A Gift for You

I’d suggest starting with a brief, daily review – perhaps before bed. Then, as you begin to experience the benefits of this daily looking back, expand it to a weekly and then a monthly gift that you give yourself.  I think you’ll be very pleased to see how this reflective time informs your forward progress – gently infusing it with knowledge and lessons which you may not have even realized you were learning!

Looking Back at Time Finder Favorites

So, looking back at our blog traffic in the past month, we get a glimpse of what readers were thinking about and especially drawn to.  It’s an eclectic mix of posts – from the month of May and beyond.

Let’s take a look:

Your Inner Critic-Recognizing and Countering This Negative Voice was far and away the top post for May.  Do you recognize your inner critic?

While the messages of the inner critic are pretty consistent for all of us, their particular form is very much shaped by our experience. The tone and specific words of your critical messages will be different from mine. They will often echo messages you heard as a child.

Next up was a post that’s certainly not unrelated.  Procrastination Challenges? You Can Beat Them and Find Time!  The more you explore and address your procrastination, I think you’ll find that there’s much to be said for ‘just getting started’ as a way to break the cycle and gain some traction.

Often the BIGGEST hurdle, when it comes to procrastination, is just getting started. So anything you can do to move yourself from square one to square two will be a significant boost!

Procrastination and Deadlines – What Works for Finding Time? POst #3 on your list looked at how deadlines can help you overcome procrastination – as well as at their limitations. If deadlines aren’t helping, maybe you need to look at how you feel about the task and how it fits in with your priorities.

And if you find that you are procrastinating, then one very helpful decision you can make is to focus on what makes the task meaningful for you. Why is it important?

Zero in on the positives – NOT the negative consequences if you don’t complete the task. The latter will just increase pressure which depletes your energy and invites your inner-critic to join the conversation!

Looking back at the month of May, there were some significant hacking events and security breaches that caught our attention.  So readers were drawn to this post:  Security On-Line: 2 Factor Authentication, Authy, and Your Time.

Have you tried 2 Factor Authentication yet?  Set up more secure passwords for yourself?  I hope you will – it will save you untold time!

And finally, still in the realm of security, there was reCAPTCHA – Enhances Security and Makes the Most of Time! I love, love, love how this tool makes use of the tiniest snippets of time to create something wonderful for the on-line world!

Read the post if you don’t know what I’m referring to – it’s pretty amazing and I suspect it will change your feelings about reCAPTCHA!

So, did we CAPTCHA your favorite post?  If not, include it in a comment – I’d love to know what captured your fancy as you look back on The Time Finder!

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