Losing Time? Your Planning Helps You Plug the Leaks

chaotic losing time
Losing time? Make a plan…

Losing time is a daily occurrence for many people. And finding time is a challenge that we each face every day of our lives.

So, is losing time an issue for you? Do you notice how your time can seemingly disappear? 

How sometimes one thing leads to another and before you know it, a whole day has gone by? Things that you intended to do get lost in the shuffle, and you’re not sure how you got from point A to Point Z without being aware of points B, C, and D.

All you know is that you don’t feel like you have a handle on where your time is going.  By extension, that means that you probably feel like your life is a little bit out of control.

Does this resonate for you?  It can be very discouraging and disconcerting.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, so read on for an important tip, to get you started on finding the time for what matters most.

Start planning to stop losing time.

Everybody knows about planning. But how many actually follow through and keep doing it? Many people think it’s a good idea in theory, but in practice, something often doesn’t work.  So let’s step back and take another look.

To get started, here are three things to keep in mind about planning:

  • Call it something that you are comfortable with.  If it’s helpful for you to think in terms of a schedule, then use that word.  If the word plan works for you, then go for it.  The key is to use something that you are comfortable with, NOT a word that you feel victimized or oppressed by.
  • This is about creating a frame for yourself.  Think of it like the guardrails on a road or the edging along a garden path. Whatever image is helpful and nurturing for you.  Remember, this is for YOU and can be flexed to suit your needs.
  • This process is always revealing.  It makes your time choices visible, whereas in your unplanned days they can remain invisible.  When you plan, you are making the invisible visible. This is very empowering, but it can be a challenge at first. This is especially true if you bring critical energy to it.  Work to see whatever your planning reveals to you simply as information. It’s neither good nor bad.  It’s just information.

How does this sound to you so far?  My suggestion to you for today is that you think of three things that you want to be sure that you do today.  Write them down.  This is your plan for today. 

Tonight, before bed, revisit your plan.  Think about how it went.  Do you need to carry some piece(s) over into tomorrow?  What do you learn?  Give yourself a big pat on the back, because you are starting to plan — and that means you’ll stop losing time.

Here’s more help for you…

Time is pure potential. You decide how to use it; and once you do, it’s gone.  That’s why it’s so important to build on your best time choices.  If you feel like your time slips through your fingers, then you’ll want to claim your copy of my complimentary “Daily Choices Template:  Proven Strategies for Tracking Your Best Time Choices Today, Tomorrow & All Year!” There’s no time like the present – to start moving toward the future you envision for yourself.

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