Lost in Space? Finding Your Focus Gets You Back on Track

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Finding your focus is a choice you make…

Finding your focus is the key to making the most of your time.

And this is especially true when your mind wanders off, or you’re stressed and distracted by others’ needs or your overflowing to-do list.

Finding your focus always rewards you. And the presence or absence of focus makes or breaks many projects. When your energy and attention are in line, you accomplish far more with less stress. But is this you?

“Are you too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet?”

How Finding Your Focus Helps:

If finding and sustaining focus seems to be an insurmountable challenge, the first step is building incentive. Why devote time to exercising moment-to-moment discipline?

Focus Strengthens Your Competitive Advantage.

Studies have found that on average, 2.8 hours of every workday go to dealing with distractions. US office workers get interrupted on the job as often as 11 times an hour, costing as much as $588 billion to US businesses annually. Think how much better you can compete in the work world if you eliminate distractions that cripple so many.

Focus Champions Your Life Purpose.

You only control your use of time when you control what you think about. Every time you decide to focus on your chosen task, you affirm that your priorities matter. You assert that your life purpose is important enough to succeed at. With sufficient focus, very little stands in your way.

Focus Builds Self-Confidence.

How many dreams have you given up on because you feel unable to persevere? How serious a toll does that take on your self-confidence and excitement about living? By affirming your power of choice, you enhance your follow-through and earn self-trust.

So, think of finding your focus as finding your best friend. It keeps you on course when distractions beckon. Rather than succumbing to ever-present temptations, call on your best friend to remind you that you matter, your time matters, and your time choices matter.

Your power builds with your practice. The more you develop your power of focus, the less appeal distractions will hold for you. What is your next step to increase your focus and effectiveness to make the most of your time?

More Tips for Finding Your Focus:

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