Make Time for Yourself, Even on the Busiest Days

Making time for yourself is time well spent…

Making time for yourself when you’re having a busy day can seem impossible, can’t it? 

Your To-Do List is overflowing, and there’s a back-log of tasks from yesterday clamoring for attention. 

You’re running from one thing to another. You might want to slow down, but you can’t see any breathing space on the horizon.

How often do you have a day like that?  More often than you’d like, I’m guessing. Indeed, it’s easy to do this to ourselves, in our fast-paced, plugged-in, super-scheduled world.

Time for yourself, even at your busiest?

I am a big proponent of time boundaries, and would generally advise you to schedule in time for self-care, even when you’re jam-packed with tasks.  But I know that’s not always possible. So when you can’t even find 10 or 15 minutes for yourself, what can you do?

Here’s where you need to become a multi-tasker. Scan your schedule and look for the times when you will either be moving from one task to another or when you will be doing something that doesn’t require your full attention. 

Make these your times for briefly focusing on your breathing, mentally checking in with yourself, giving yourself a pat on the back, and remembering things that you are grateful for.

Find what works for you.

I’d encourage you to, at your leisure, come up with a menu that works for your particular circumstances. Maybe there are some affirmations that are particularly meaningful.  Maybe simply focusing on your breathing or thinking of 3 gratitudes is grounding and revitalizing.

Whatever it means for you, taking a moment to pause for self-care, even in the midst of your busiest days, is always within your grasp. You can give yourself what you need, no matter what your situation. 

Remembering this is a huge asset, as you navigate your busy life.

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