Make Your Ideal Day Real, Moment by September Moment

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Live YOUR ideal day…

When you make your ideal day real, you give yourself a warm and generous boost. But in the midst of challenging times, do you sometimes feel that’s just impossible?

So I suggest that you approach this on a moment-by-moment basis. A day, after all, is a large and daunting expanse of time to try to manage.

And each gift of warm energy that you give to yourself affects the next moment that you experience. It’s your moments that build your day. And, as Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote, describing September, there can be crimson delight in summer’s flight:

Some crimson poppy of a late delight
Atoning in its splendor for the flight
Of summer blooms and joys
This is September.

Taking this to heart, I’d suggest that even in the context of challenging times or of loss, there are joys and beauties to behold. The passing of summer may be a bittersweet transition for many, but it also brings the gifts that September offers.

Imagine your ideal day.

When you make time to be still and visualize your ideal day you clarify and concretize some of the things that you value most in life.

And once you are clearer about these things, your next step is to reflect on your time choices.

Does the way that you spend your time right now reflect what you care most about?

Are you including some, or any, of the components of your ideal day in your daily life?

Make a list.

  • What’s present?
  • What’s missing?

Don’t be critical or judging of yourself. This is simply information. You need to know where you are starting before you can begin.

Review your list and choose one thing that you can change to make your actual day more like your ideal day.

Make that change.

It doesn’t need to be a big thing. Remember, every moment counts.

This is about how you spend our moments AND it is about your relationship with yourself.

With each step of this journey you are:

  • Getting to know yourself better by observing yourself non-judgmentally;
  • Building self-trust by following through; and
  • Bringing your daily time choices into closer alignment with what you value.

For more help…

Have you had times in your life that just felt good to you? Moments that you would go back to if you could? I call this your ‘Ideal Day” and it’s different for each of us.

What do you picture when you imagine something like that for yourself? Are you peaceful and quiet? Maybe you’re focused and fully engaged in a project or pursuit. The answers will be unique to you, but what’s always the same, though, is that it’s something you can give yourself whenever you choose.

So, let me tell you about my E-Guide titled Living Your Ideal Day: How to Move Past Barriers and Find Your Way to More Time, Space, and Energy.

This E-Guide and its bonus checklist offer a path to deeper self-knowledge along with practical, heart-based time wisdom. Ready to become an expert in living your time to its fullest? Living Your Ideal Day will get you started.

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