Make Your Self-Care Prime to Enhance and Enjoy Your Time

your self-care  changes everything
Your self-care changes everything.

Seasonal changes will sometimes throw a wrench into your self-care time.

Springtime.  Summertime. Warm transitions are upon us, transforming our world. Can you feel them?  

The air softens as blossoms burst open and green returns to our terrain. We notice early vernal pools, alive with activity. We throw open our windows and our thoughts turn to gardens, cookouts, outdoor chores, and outside recreation.  

And, of course, our friends in the southern hemisphere will be experiencing these transitions in a few months — just as we start battening down the hatches for the coming winter.

Springtime and Your Garden of Time

As we move from the world of winter into spring and summer, we make significant changes in how we spend our time.  Think about the simple act of getting yourself out of the house in the morning.  In February, depending on where you live, that could entail adding layers of clothes, boots, scarves, mittens, etc.  Maybe at times it even means shoveling a path from your door to your car.

How about this morning?  Think of all the time you save as you step out the door into the soft springtime air.  What do you do with that time? Is your self-care on the agenda?

Your Self-Care Time — Make it Prime

Of course, come springtime there are new activities to consider:  getting gardens ready for planting, putting away winter’s necessities and pulling out what you’ll need for the warmer weather, tuning up lawnmowers, bicycles, etc.

No matter what new activities you add as springtime unfolds, here’s a challenge for you:  Make your self-care a priority each and every day.  

As any gardener knows, garden soil must be nourished if it’s going to produce in abundance.  The same is true for you.  Your self-care provides the nutrients that you need in order to flourish – in springtime or anytime.

Springtime Self-Care Challenge

So, let’s get specific about that challenge:  Every day (morning or evening, you pick what works for you) spend some quiet time and choose one self-nurturing activity that you will follow through on in the coming day.

Maybe it’s a walk or run, some meditation time, journaling, reading, or a warm bath. It should be anything that you find nourishing and sustaining.

Be sure to do whatever you planned, and if you’d like to enhance your process, take some time to record how this makes you feel.  Then after a week, look back and see how this has affected your energy.

Your self-care is such a powerful way to enrich your life.  And it needn’t take a lot of time.  A little bit goes a long, long way.  Try it as part of your daily routine, and I think you’ll be pleased with how you feel and how your time is transformed.

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