Making Change Means Letting Go and Here’s Help

Look around

Make change by first looking around.

Making change is a process that, when approached proactively, can be very empowering.

And making change in your life is always going to involve letting go. You let go of something old and replace it with something new.

In many ways, it’s just that simple. 

However, letting go is a layered and sometimes challenging process.  Even seeing what you might want to let go of requires willingness and a commitment to opening yourself to having a clear vision.  We live our days embedded in our habitual ways of being.  To step aside from that and let yourself see clearly takes courage.

It also takes time.  And it’s a very good investment of your time.

Making change proactively:

After you’ve got a realistic sense of where you are, think about what you’d like to change.  Is there an activity that you’d like to add to your day?  Let’s say that you feel the need to build in time for more exercise.  How can you go about doing that in a way that optimizes your ability to follow through?

The next step is to look more closely at what you want to change, and pin down the specifics. 

  • How much time do you want to give to this activity? 
  • Will you do it once a day? 
  • More often? 
  • When, exactly?

Be as specific as possible, because this begins to give you some sense of what you are going to need to let go of.

Next, go back and re-look at what you saw when you surveyed your day.  Is there anything that you’d like to let go of that jumps right out at you?  That’s the easiest place to start. Find the activities that you are ready and willing to jettison.  If that doesn’t give you enough time for what you want to add, then you may need to trim time in other areas, or shuffle your schedule around.

First things first…

What’s key here is that you first identify something positive that you want to add to your daily activities.  That gives you an affirmative reason for letting go of things that you may not feel are helpful or that just aren’t as high on your priority list.

It’s not easy to let go of something you are used to, whether it’s a net positive or a net negative in your life.  That’s why replacing it, proactively, with an activity that you value, will go a long way toward ensuring your success. So, what’s one change you’d like to make in your life? Start small. What will be your first step today?

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