Making Your To-Do List Work for You — Try This, It Helps

To-Do List for You

Make your To-Do List work for you.

When you use a To-Do List to find time, you’re using a tried and true time management tool.

But too often, we let our to-do lists become overwhelming. Whether you use an online list or prefer paper and pencil, the important thing is to make your list work for you, and not vice versa.

In a previous post we looked at some online To-Do Lists.  My VA swears by Remember the Milk and there are lots of other options out there. tool for getting organized and managing time, it offers lots of possibilities.

Whatever you choose to use, to-do lists offer lots of possibilities for getting organized and managing your time.

And you know what else is true? Whatever sort of list you choose, it won’t magically make your tasks doable or your life less stressful.

Indeed, once you compile your To-Do List, do you sometimes find that it is so long and ambitious that you are discouraged by it?

Well, believe me, you’re definitely not alone.

Here’s a To-Do List Tip for You

One of my Finding Time Tips addresses this as follows:

  • Tip:  Give yourself credit. Are you more productive than you think? Conduct a realistic inventory to energize and focus your efforts.
  • Action Step:  Ignore your over-ambitious to-do lists. Chart out a typical week, listing everything you accomplish.  Validate what’s productive and build ‘from the ground up.’

Looking at a typical week allows you to develop realistic expectations for yourself.

And what’s the next step?

Then, be sure to keep that realism in mind when you look at your week ahead. Pare out any non-essential items so that you can focus on what’s most important.

It’s vital that you NOT make your To-Do List a tool that sets you up to feel discouraged.

Make your list work for you.

At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to include on your list some items that you can easily accomplish, as well as some “tasks” that are pleasures or treats.

This helps you keep your energy and your focus positive.  Including the “low hanging fruit,” along with rewards, amongst your larger tasks is a helpful tool for managing your attitude and, by extension, managing your time.

What can you add to your To-Do List that will make it more manageable while also boosting your sense of accomplishment and enjoyment today?

Does it help?  I’d love to hear.

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