Managing Priorities 101 — How to Keep All Those Balls in the Air

Managing priorities 101…

Managing priorities is always a challenge.

And in these pandemic days, that challenge is exponentially greater.

Indeed, when you’ve got lots of balls in the air sorting out what’s important and what isn’t is vital. Yet often, you can feel so busy that you don’t know where to begin.

Life as it is…

Here at The Time Finder I’m working on a new product and, at the same time, starting to think about what to focus on in the next Finding Time E-zine.

Then there’s blogging and seeing my clients, along with starting to get serious about some of our seasonal farm chores. And in addition, I’ve been appreciating some beautiful September days, and just living life.

I can only imagine the challenge I’d feel, like so many of you, I was also trying to juggle school schedules and the complexities of managing some combination of at-home and in-school learning.

Managing Priorities 101

When you are managing multiple time priorities, there’s no way around the fact that you are going to feel and BE busy. But the process doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. 

First and foremost, it is vital to remember that you always have choices. And so, when I am managing priorities, whether I have 3 or 15, here’s what’s key:

Simply pause from time to time and get your bearings.

It sounds simple — maybe too simple. And it may feel counter-intuitive when you are pressed for time. But the impact is quite powerful.

How it works for me…

As I become distracted and stressed by multiple pressing tasks, I use my pauses to briefly relax, re-prioritize, and refocus. Each time I pause I am briefly touching base with myself.

It’s a friendly moment that offers quick “refreshment.” With each pause I give myself an opportunity to re-establish clarity, take a deep breath, and make a new beginning.

Time boundaries…

I also assess my time boundaries when I pause. And I shore them up, if I need to. Here are some questions I ask myself as I assess:

  • Will it help me stay on track if I use a timer?
  • Are there things distracting me that I need to pay brief attention to in order to be able to fully set them aside?
  • Do I need to review and re-prioritize my to do list?

So, how will you help yourself today with managing priorities. What one step will you take today to ease your stress?

Managing priorities — more help for you:

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  • Who you are and what you value,
  • What makes you tick and
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