Mercury Reader for Chrome: Distraction-Free Reading to Save Time

Dog Reading-Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader makes reading easy!

Mercury Reader is a Chrome Extension that puts distraction-free reading at your fingertips.

How often do you click into an article, only to find that pop-up ads and intrusive videos are either blocking your view entirely, or pulling your eyes away from what had originally interested you?

Well, you can now declutter your reading experience with a simple click.

This is a time-saver worth exploring.

Mercury Reader: The Details

The Mercury Reader extension for Chrome used to be Readability. What it does, in a nutshell, is remove ads and other distractions when you activate it on a page.

It creates a version of whatever you’re reading that shows only text and images, giving you a clean, consistent, printer-friendly view for reading posts and articles.

Specifically, it offers the following to users:

  • A one-click solution to declutter what you’re reading on the web;
  • The ability to adjust typeface and text size and change themes;
  • A keyboard shortcut to activate the Reader on any webpage;
  • Clean, optimized print versions of articles and posts; and
  • The ability to share what you see, using Facebook, Twitter and Email

Once you download it, Mercury Reader’s icon will appear in your toolbar. It’s grey when not in use. When you click it on a page, it turns orange and goes to work.

I think you’ll be pleased if you try this very practical tool for decluttering your reading experience.

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