Mindfulness and Time Energy™ for Empowered Living

your time is your time
Empower yourself with mindfulness and Time Energy™

Mindfulness and Time Energy™ are a very powerful combination.

Finding time is easier when you’re mindful, and mindfulness is enhanced when you activate your Time Energy™.  

Not only that but when mindfulness and Time Energy™ work in tandem, following through with your wise time choices becomes more straightforward, too.

Mindfulness is heart-based.  

It focuses and opens you so you fully enter into each moment. What could better position you for making your best time choices all day today? And Time Energy™ supports your mindfulness, every step along the way.

So, combining mindfulness and Time Energy™ is a win-win.

Time Energy™ in Action.

Time Energy™ is the graceful exercise of all your strengths and skills for making wise time choices. It is the synergy that results when your disciplines are focused and well-coordinated. So Time Energy™ and mindfulness are always intimately linked.

Let’s say your morning is becoming hectic. Too much is coming at you from all directions.  

Here’s what you do to activate your Time Energy™:

  • Stop, just for a half a minute, and listen to the cadence of your breath.
  • Remember the promise you made to yourself earlier, to stay with your priorities.
  • Refer back to the very simple To-Do list you had prepared — the one with everything necessary on it (and nothing else).
  • Feel your mind clear.
  • Now, take another relaxed breath and feel that sense of balance return.

You decide not to answer that low-priority call just yet. You make the essential connections, add a few items on your Master List, remember to look out the window a few times, and you finish work in plenty of time. This is “Time Energy” in action.

It Grows from Mindfulness and It Supports Mindfulness.

Any moment you choose to tune into and develop your Time Energy™, you become stronger. That’s because each useful time choice you make helps you develop and refine your focus, self-reference and growing confidence in your capabilities.  

Each and every second offers you an invitation to tune in, deepen into your center and operate from a place of inner abundance and focus.

Access Mindfulness and Live Your Potential Right Now.

Validating yourself further reinforces the positive effects. Notice how good this incremental, heart-based approach feels, and how manageable a process it is. It’s organic and expansive, as each step builds naturally from the positive choices you make.  

Are you making Time Energy™ and mindfulness a part of your daily life? I’d love to hear what you are learning.

Ready to take it a step further?

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