Mobilize Your Time Energy™ and Put Overwhelm in Its Place

Woman Overwhelm

Overwhelm doesn’t have to sap your energy.

Overwhelm is one of the biggest time and energy drains going.

But the good news is that there’s no need to put up with overwhelm for another minute.

Great things are accomplished in tiny steps, as long as your energy works for you, not against you.

So here’s a productive path you can follow.

All you need for this journey are your insight and your reasoning, working in harmony.

Overwhelm Begone – Tip and Action Step

TIP: Time Energy™ is Mobilized Energy.

Isn’t accomplishment wonderful? It is the concrete reflection of how you respond to your own call to action. When you mobilize yourself, you exercise decisiveness on the highest level. You manifest your intent, and your world changes for the better.

ACTION STEP: Visualize, Mobilize, and Energize.

Chances are, you mobilize your Time Energy™ pretty effectively in some areas, sporadically in others, and in some areas … well, let’s identify your stuck places right now.

Visualize a situation where you often feel overwhelmed in your day, and let your intuition gently support you. Picture yourself finding a quiet place to relax for a few moments. Then envision your progress through the rest of your day.

Notice your frame of mind as you move from one activity to the next.

  • Look more closely at the place where overwhelm deflates you. Remember, a stuck point is a treasure chest of energy, once you unlock it.
  • Use this visualization to make note of each stuck point where you’d like to mobilize yourself and access your Time Energy™.


Now let’s unlock one of those treasure chests. Revisit one stuck point, and ask your intuition what impedes your confidence and clarity. Take special note of your self-talk using these prompts:

  • What message do you give yourself?
  • How does this affect your progress?
  • Jot down what you learn in a sentence or two.

Now, chunk the problem situation down into bite-size pieces. What change will restore your positive energy? Remember, no beginning is too small.

Using what you’ve learned, next mobilize yourself and your energy by creating a focused action step. And then:

  • Take that step.
  • Track your results over time.
  • Validate each and every success.

Once your first action step begins to restore your energy and flow, select a second step by referring to your visualization. It’s so rewarding to feel how your confidence and competence grow, each time you tap into your inner Time Energy™.

This helps you find even MORE time…

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