Mohiomap-Evernote Mindmapping Tool to Find Time

Finding_Time_MohiomapMohiomap is a tool that provides you with a mind map based on your Evernote notebooks.

If you are an Evernote user, and appreciate mindmapping as a tool for visualizing ideas, then Mohiomap may be a very useful tool for you to explore. 

We accessed the free tool and created a quick map of some of our Finding Time notebooks (see above-and click the image to see a larger version):

Here’s how Mohiomap describes the company’s mission:

Evernote allows you to capture and store all kinds of information – notes, websites, images, documents, and much more – aiming to become your ‘external brain’. Have you ever wondered what this brain looks like? What shape does it have? What kind of structures does it produce?

Mohiomap aims to answer those questions and helps you utilize a visual, interactive display of your Evernote contents in order to discover your notes more efficiently and to better make sense out of them – Mohiomap provides you a Visual Memory for Evernote.

Mohiomap appears to be very flexible, allowing you to dig down into your notebooks and notes, open links in additional windows, add tags, search notes, etc.

Once you open an account and connect it to your Evernote account, an initial map will appear.  You can then use your cursor to drag individual nodes around and the entire map will adjust.  You can also choose to pin nodes in place if you’d like to define the layout yourself.

When you hover the cursor over a node, a number of options appear, allowing you to “explode” the node to see the individual notes contained in the notebook it represents. You can also preview individual notes down the left side of the screen, or open their links in a new window.

Below is a brief video offering an overview of what Mohiomap does and some ideas for powerful and time-saving ways to use it.

As with any new tool, the key time question is whether this fits into your workflow.  But if Evernote and mindmapping are already tools that you use, then Mohiomap may be something for you to explore so that you can make even better use of Evernote by increasing your efficiency (and finding more time).

So here’s to your time success!

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