Moments – Live Each One Fully for More Energy and Time!

Moments as Stepping Stones

Moments are the stepping stones of our lives.

Moments – they are the building blocks of your minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years.

It’s easy to get caught up in planning your future or thinking about your past. But both of these activities take your attention away from your here and now.

Right now, at this very moment, you have the power to live and savor your life.  Yet what often happens is that your moments flash by, almost unnoticed, right before your eyes.

Let’s explore 3 reasons that your moments, this moment you are in right now, are so rich and empowering!

Moments are Your Foundation

In each and every one of your moments, two things happen: Both your past and your future begin. This means that in each moment you hold the power to make a lasting memory AND make a start on a new beginning. Moments offer stillness and powerful turning points – and this is a deep paradox of time – a mystery, if you will.

Moments are Safe, Solid and Secure

Whatever is happening around you, or whatever has just happened, in your present moment you are just fine. Difficulties of the past and challenges of the future do not exist in this moment.  Here you breathe in and out, find your core strength, and rest in the knowledge that you are okay. From this place, your next step will emerge – on that you can depend!

Moments are Filled with Information

Living in your moments, breathing in what they have to offer, you get to know yourself. Your wants, needs, and interests are constantly evolving, and they emerge from your moments if you let them.

When you’re wrapped up in planning or worrying, you send your energy out toward tomorrow or yesterday, and you don’t get to know the person you are today.

Your life and time are filled with meaning and abundance, and often these things slip by when we aren’t living mindfully in our moments.

Living in the now, breathing in and out and simply being right where you are, gives you access to energy and insight that is transformative.  Your time will feel different, and YOU will feel different.

So, I encourage you to pause and let what your moments hold emerge.  You will be pleased and perhaps even surprised by what you experience!

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  1. This is what I have been focusing on – living in the moment. When I do that, I’m really in touch with myself and the task at hand – and my productivity increases.
    Thank you for this post and related posts on what is behind procrastination. They are a big help!

  2. Hi David – I had been thinking about your previous comment as I explored topics for upcoming posts – and am pleased that you liked this one and found it helpful. And even more, I’m glad to hear that you’re finding living in the moment to be so enriching. Here’s to your continued explorations and to your time success!


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