Monday Morning or ANY Morning, Rituals Help You Start Your Day

forest morning rituals

Your morning rituals plant seeds for your day.

Rituals help you deepen and enliven your experience whenever and wherever you find time for them.

Indeed, that’s why I recommend creating rituals for yourself at various points in your day. And your morning is one of those places where a grounding and energizing moment can set the tone for everything that follows.

This may be especially true for your Monday mornings, as they’re the gateway to a new week. So how do you approach it? Are you welcoming of the new? Or do you want to turn over in bed and go back to sleep?

What are rituals?

This is something I’ve touched on in the past here. What I’d emphasize today is that rituals are deepening experiences. They include steps that are repeatable, but they are anything but rote.

They are like doorways that you step through. The path to the doorway is familiar, but it opens to something new every time you enter. My morning ritual provides consistent support, yet the flavor and shape of that support changes from one morning to the next.

Rituals have a bedrock ‘sameness’ that allows us to open to insights, inspirations, and energies that aren’t otherwise accessible.

So, what speaks to your heart?

Try brainstorming a list of activities that provide you a place where you can let your heart open. These are likely to be simple, quiet activities but don’t censor yourself. Just let the ideas bubble up. Here are a few questions, if you’re stuck for ideas:

  • What relaxes and centers you?
  • What energizes you?
  • What do I need, as I start my day?

Maybe it’s a quiet walk or some time spent meditating.

Maybe your morning ritual includes an activity like reading a poem or an inspiring quotation. One of my clients had a book of essays that she loved. She’d read the same essay each morning for a week, then move on to another and another.

Maybe journaling is something that helps you connect with your heart.

Whatever you choose to do, you are planting the seeds for the coming day. You’re nourishing yourself so you’ll be better able to handle whatever the new day presents. Indeed, after moving and grounding your energy with your morning ritual, you’ll feel more sure-footed when new challenges come knocking.

Looking within helps you see…

Can you see how creating space and letting yourself look within affects your vision?  What you see is so affected by your heart-based energy. When you’re feeling grounded and positive, challenges are more likely to stretch you, rather than create stress and strain.

Reality hasn’t changed, but your relationship with it — the energy you bring — is profoundly different.

And remember to reflect on your experience…

Your rituals are best when they are flexible. So, at the end of your day, think back on how it all went.

  • How did your ritual support you?
  • Were there parts of your ritual that you skipped? Hurried through? If so, what were they and how did that feel?
  • How did your ritual help balance your energy or deepen your experience?
  • What will you change tomorrow?

So are you ready to create a morning ritual for yourself and keep it fresh?

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